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Wham! It’s Winter!

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Let’s prepare for this Winter’s road tripping with a little Wham! Just queue up “Wake me up before you go go,” sit back, and sing along with NAPA to help you remember some safe driving tips this season.

You hear the boom boom in your car

You press the pedal hard when the engine starts

Jitterbug get out in the rain

Goes bang bang bang til your tires do the same


Something’s bugging you

Something ain’t right

Your momma told you

To service your car right


Could be sleeping

In your bed

Could be dreaming

But you ignored your car instead


Service your car before you go go

Don’t leave your hoses stretched like a yo yo

Check for recalls before you go go

You don’t want to miss it and watch the prices hit that high

Know your car before you go go

You don’t want snow, ice or dirt no no

Stock your vehicle before you go go

So you can go dancing tonight

Time to say goodbyeeee