NAPA AutoCare Centers of Dekalb County

Time to “Fall” in Love with Care Care

Autumn is here, which means winter is near! Simple auto care is worth miles toward
improving the safety and dependability of your vehicle. Make sure your car is ready to
roll before that first winter frost hits whether you DIY or have it serviced at NAPA’s Auto Care Centers of Dekalb.

Top It Off
Top off all engine fluids including oil, power steering, brake, and transmission fluid,
windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant.
Long Live Your Battery
Have your battery tested and replace if necessary. It wouldn’t be any fun at all getting
caught in a snowstorm with a dead battery! Yikes! Also, ensure your connections are
clean and corrosion-free.
Check the Belts
Make sure your belts and hoses are not cracked, frayed loose or showing signs of aged
Hold the Brakes!
Brakes should be inspected annually to ensure their function and safety. Have the
Rotors and drums inspected at each oil change.
Check the Exhaust System
Inspect your exhaust for leaks. Leaks may be dangerous and corrected immediately.
Check Engine
This little light isn’t anything to play around with. If your check engine light comes on,
bring it in to one of our Dekalb AutoCare Centers right away. A properly functioning
engine should deliver power and fuel economy with low fuel emissions.
The Wheels on the Car Go Round and Round
Check your tires to ensure you have a strong amount of thread. Bald or dry rotted tires
need to be replaced. Otherwise, you are putting you and your family at risk for a blowout
… another thing that would not be fun to conquer in a snowstorm!
Check Wipers and Lighting
Ice buildup is hard on your wipers. Be sure to replace old blades as often as necessary.
Check to ensure all your lights are working properly. If you don’t have any burnt bulbs,
check their brightness. It should go without saying that vision is important to your travel

Emergency Supplies
If you follow these car care steps, you shouldn’t worry. However, always better safe
than sorry. Store emergency supplies in your trunk just in case. This should include
boots, gloves, blankets, flares, a small shovel, tire chains, a flash light, etc.


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