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Do you have repeated maintenance issues? Do you ever wonder why or how you should prevent them? Creating a consistent maintenance schedule will keep your vehicle in good shape and keep you worry-free. Continue reading for commonly neglected items that should be inspected on a regular basis.


Grime, dirt, and other sludge can build up inside your fuel tank. The greater the buildup, the less fuel is able to pass through your engine; thus, decrease your vehicles fuel efficiency. Using a fuel cleaner once or twice a year will help clear out the tank and keep on chugging! Also, remember to use a high-quality fuel to help reduce buildup.


It’s the middle of August and it is HOT, HOT, HOT outside! Inspect your coolant system to protect your engine from overheating this summer. Fun Fact: Your engine is most likely water-cooled. Chances are when dealing with water, heat and a multitude of metals, an ailment in your system is likely to occur. Rust and degrading coolant can lead to broken parts and overheated engines. A good maintenance tip is to flush your coolant system with a fresh fluid every two years.


When temperatures rise, so does the work your AC puts out, causing it to break down. Warning signs are when your vehicle is either scorching hot or brutally cold. An AC breakdown is easily avoidable. In the summer months, your AC will drain oils used to lubricate its moving parts. An annual service will replenish those oils and ensure there are no leaks in the system.


Does your car smell like sweaty socks or road kill when you turn it on? If so, you might want to check the cabin air filter. This filters out the horrid smells you’re experiencing. Aside from the smells, your cabin air filter will also filter out dirt and other debris from entering your vehicle. DeKalb County AutoCare Centers can inspect and replace your cabin air filter to improve the air quality inside your vehicle.

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