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Fall Leaves, The Hidden Hazard


It’s that time of year! Put on your scarves and grab your to-go pumpkin spice lattes, but don’t forget to be extra attentive while driving this fall season. Whether you’re taking a leisurely drive to get out of the house or getting an early start on your Christmas shopping, there a few things you should be extra cautious of when out on the road. Fall leaves cause serious hazards for drivers every year.

Making sudden shifts in speed or direction on wet or decomposing leaves can feel like sliding on ice as your tires lose friction on the road. If you have had brake trouble recently or noticed any unrecognizable lights on your dashboard, it may be time for an auto care check-up. NAPA auto care employees are working hard this holiday season to make sure that all drivers are kept safe and informed.

It is important to keep an eye out for lane lines and road markers as leaves are known to hide these items. Be sure to stay in your designated lane and look out for stop signs as well, since their signature red color is often less noticeable against the warm fall colors we have been waiting for all year.