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Don’t Be Shocked! Time to Replace Your Shocks and Struts


Shocks and struts make up your vehicle’s suspension system, suspending your vehicle’s body over the wheels. Having a functioning suspension system is also important to the life of your brakes as well as your vehicle’s acceleration performance. That being said, it’s important they are replaced in a timely manner to keep your ride smooth and your family protected.


When to Replace Shocks and Struts

Knowing when to replace shocks and struts can be a challenge. Pushing down on a corner of the vehicle to watch for bouncing, won’t tell the whole story. The gradual wear on suspension components makes it difficult for drivers to detect changes in ride and handling.

New shocks or struts can keep other parts working properly; such as your brake pads, while also contributing to better ride and handling. That floating ride characteristic of extremely worn shocks not only induces nausea in passengers. It’s also a safety concern because the vehicle’s body will pitch and roll more when cornering and braking. The firmer ride that results from replacing worn shocks or struts restores that precise, new-car handling feel.


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