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Battery Light KNOW HOW

You start your vehicle the battery light appears, then the light disappears. But, what happens if the battery light does not disappear? Here is the KNOW HOW.



All vehicles have a built-in recharging system. This means that the battery recharges itself when needed. So, when the battery light comes on there is a problem within this recharging system that needs to be checked out. It could mean a few different things, a problem with the alternator, wiring, or battery.

Battery Issues:

If you have a faulty battery, it means that it is not receiving and holding a charge. Sometimes your vehicle might just be in need of a new battery. Batteries should be replaced every 3-5 years.


Alternator Issues:

Alternators help charge the battery and power the electrical systems while the engine is working. If you have a fault alternator, your ignition system and headlights will not work properly.


Bad Resistance/Bad Wiring:

Broken wires can cause the battery light to come on. Build up on the wiring can also interrupt the flow of electricity to cause the battery light to come on. After cleaning the wiring, if the light stays on there is a chance your vehicle needs new wires.


Many NAPA AutoCare Centers offer free battery charging. They can also check out your battery, alternator, and wiring. For any battery issues stop by your local NAPA AutoCare Center and have the ASE Certified technicians check it out.



Driving with the battery light on is not safe. When the battery light stays on, there is a problem with the battery, alternator, or wiring can cause your vehicle not to operator as it normally would.

Turn off everything that draws power in attempts to make it to a safe area to pull over. Things that draw power are:


Interior Lights

Air Conditioner

Anything Plugged In



Only turn off headlights if it is during the daytime and sunny. If you feel warmer temperatures, overheating, lose power steering, or clock loses time pull over immediately to avoid damaging the engine.