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2019: A New Year’s Resolution- for Your Car!


If giving up alcohol, fatty food or bad language isn’t for you, we might have a New Year’s Resolution that’s more your style this year. DeKalb County AutoCare Center has a few tips to help you make your car more eco-friendly and start this year off on the right…wheel?

1: Be a more fuel efficient driver.

In 2019, try to lay off the need for speed. By relaxing behind the wheel and driving less aggressively, you can increase your fuel consumption by up to 35%. Planning ahead, mapping out your routes and slowing down are just a few ways to not only conserve fuel but save money as well.


2: Stop idling

This is an unnecessary habit that we should all leave behind this year. Idling is bad for the environment, your wallet and the heath of those around you. Avoid using automatic car starters and switch to using block heaters or leave a few minutes early to drive your car around the block at a moderate speed.


3:  Get ahead of the bigger problem

There is no reason a visit to the mechanic should have to be scary. This year, make more of an effort to take your car for routine checkups. A mechanic may be able to help you fix the smaller issues before they have a chance to turn into the bigger ones. If you know your car needs attention don’t put off fixing the problem, as this could turn into something larger and more expensive as well.


We hope you have a Happy New Year and stick to whatever personal resolutions you set, but don’t forget that your local NAPA Auto Care is always here to help and keep your car care resolution in line.